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Hire Me For FreeThe benefits of starting a blog for business or fun are so much! Setting up a blog otherwise known as blogging is an innovative and lucrative project you should start-up consider right away. Whether you’re a sit at home mummy/ housewife, a working-class person or even a student, blogging will be excellent for you. Creating and managing your blog can keep you gainfully busy, considerably develop your writing ability, boost your likelihood of getting a rewarding employment after graduation and can ultimately make passive income for you. Creating a blog can also make you a celebrated celebrity.

Of course, no one will give you as much money as you’ll want and you can’t get rich working for salary alone. For the students, you’ll agree with me that it is tough to get enough money from parents or sponsors for some drinks and flexing; true or false?
This is why you must Start A Blog today.

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Why You Should Own a Blog of Your Own

Creating a blog is essential thing you should do for yourself, as a housewife or sit-at-home mum, as a recent graduate searching for jobs or while you are still in school. There are people out there on Facebook, Whatsapp and other Social Media, who are hungry for something interesting, educative, informative and entertaining on a regular basis. If you can provide stories and articles for them, you can make a good blog.

Blogging in general means you writing articles about people, events, places and things. It is an avenue through which any creative person can write articles and publish online for everyone to read. You can choose to start a Breaking News Blog, College Admission & Campus Blog, Sports News Blog (Football, Wrestling, Basketball, Lawn tennis etc), Music & Entertainment Blog, Technology Blog, Food Blog, Relationship Gist Blog and so on and so forth. If you feel that there is something that you know well and can discuss intelligently about, you can start a blog for it.

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15 Benefits of Creating a Blog – Advantages of Owning a Blog

I must reaffirm again that blogging is good. It is very exciting and rewarding. And now, here are the 15 Benefits of Starting a Blog.

  1. Creating a blog is an avenue to invest of your time productively while searching for a job, nursing your baby at home, and while you’re still a student.
  2. Creating a Blog builds your Entrepreneurial Skills.
  3. Blogging improves your Analytical Skills needed to make Business Decisions.
  4. Starting a blog increase your chances of securing a lucrative job after graduation. This is because; you can include it as one of your active job experiences in your CV.
  5. Starting a blog as an unemployed, a housewife or a student would help you get money to pay some of your bills.
  6. Starting a blog drastically boosts your Writing Skills.
  7. As a blogger, you grow to be very popular in your chosen niche, can even become known, internationally just like
  8. With the current rate of unemployment, starting a blog as a college student will make it easier for you to employ yourself and become an employer of labour, after school.
  9. Creating a blog will increase your self-confidence in doing something new and tasking.
  10. As a blogger, you become well informed and therefore turn out to be an authority in the niche you are blogging about.
  11. Blogging empowers you with skills to answer Comprehensions and do quick Summary.
  12. As a blogger, your intelligence and popularity makes it easy for you to influence your friends and colleagues to favour you.
  13. Creating a blog ensures that all your articles everlastingly stored for you and you can access them anytime.
  14. Starting a blog as a student will help you write your School Seminar and Degree Project Reports.
  15. Blogging ultimately sends money to your bank account, even while you’re asleep.

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What Do You Need To Start A Blog?

To set up a blog whether you’re a student, graduate job seeker, or a sit-at-home mother, you would need these 3 items, namely:

  • A Domain Name.
  • A Web Hosting Service to Put Your Domain.
  • 30 Minutes of Your Time.

So, would you like to start a blog today? Then follow this link and read How to Start a Blog, the right way – Step by step guide.

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Here is a summary of what you will learn in that step by step guide.

Now, to lead you through the process of Starting A WordPress in 2017, I will personally show you the following……….so that you will Make Your Blog today.

  1. How to Register a Domain Name for Free
  2. How to Select the Best Web or WordPress Hosting
  3. How to Install WordPress to your Domain!
  4. How to install a Professional Template or Theme
  5. How to Install & Customize your Blog with Plugins.
  6. How to Publish Articles & Pages such as AboutUs & ContactUs.
  7. How to Make Money with Your Blog.

Wrapping up

Starting a blog is one of the best investment I have made with my time and of course with little capital. Going by these 15 Benefits of Creating a Blog – Advantages of Owning a Blog, you’ll agree with me that Starting a Personal Blog, is profitable now and in future. Let me know in the comment box,  if you are interested in learning How to Design a blog.

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