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Ymail Sign Up in Nigeria- Here is How to Register for a Fresh YahooMail Account in Nigeria.

In this this article, we shall be specifically discussing Yahoo Mail Sign In, Login, Sign Up and Yahoo Mail management among Nigerian businesses. At the moment, the challenge is that Yahoo! has not deemed it fit to provide Nigeria with a specific domain on Yahoomail unlike other countries that it has given their own Yahoo Mail. Why would  Nigeria be left out of the system?

Nigerian Yahoo Mail subscribers have waited without answers, looking to see something like for Nigerians. It’s been a wait of a lifetime. However, for the Nigerian yahoo mail users, you can go to official website for your Nigerian yahoomail account. All you’ll need to do is go to the Yahoomail Nigerian link which is and follow up the yahoo mail sign up process.

Ymail Sign Up – Steps to Register for Yahoo Nigeria

If you are a newbie, Registering a yahoo mail account is not a difficult task. You can Create yahoo mail account, Register Your Yahoo mail and sign up for yahoo mail.

  1. Access yahoo registration page, by typing out or on your browser and hit the Enter button. You are automatically redirected to the yahoo sign up page.
  2.  As soon as this page opens, click the Sign up bar (It is just at right side of the window and below the word “sign in”, you will also see “signup”)
  3. Click the Signup button and you will be taken to the Yahoo Mail Registration amin page, where you’ll be required to fill up a short form with respect to your personal information – e.g (name, gender, address, etc)
  4. As soon as you finish supplying your personal information, click the send button and on you go.
  5. If your registration is successfully completed, you will receive a congratulation message. Otherwise, the system will take you back to the yahoo registration page to correct all required fields.

Here is the Direct Login Page for your YahooMail Account.

Steps to Sign In – Yahoo Mail Nigeria.

Before we continue, I will like us to specifically understand how the Yahoo Mail works. Now, Yahoomail  Ymail login Nigeria or Yahoo Mail Nigeria – Sign In is an overview of the basic procedure to sign up and sign in to your Yahoo Nigerian account, or simply a standard Yahoo account from a specific country in the Yahoo web address like the Yahoo! Mail UK, Yahoo Mail Ireland, Yahoomail US, Yahoo Mail Phillipines, Vietnam, South Africa, Ymail Indonesia and so on. So if Nigeria is to have a country web address, the web-address for yahoo Nigeria will be or and you can use it basically for a,,,, or email addresses that you choose to have.

Enable / Disable Yahoo Email Forwarding to Another Email Address

It might interest you to note that use to be the biggest email service provider in the world but over the years, until , owned by Google has taken the lead, and is still speeding to the finish line. In some countries though, the above assertion varies and is dependent on the usage of the email service. So, still have some relevance in certain places.

Just like Gmail from Google email, Login is equipped with the Yahoo Mail account. You may sign up for a free yahoomail account now, from the yahoo login/sign up page and login with your username and password

Yahoo Nigeria Sign in | Ymail Sign In Nigeria

Here is the Direct Login Page for your YahooMail Account.

Otherwise, follow the steps below.

  1. With any digital device of your choice, open a web-browser (Any of these is okay: Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, safari, etc).
  2. Please use the default yahoomail web address which is or use the direct mail web address which is

(The first web address will take you to the yahoo homepage where you’ll have to continue to step three here while the second web address will take you to the direct yahoomail login page where you’ll have to continue with step Four in this tutorial).

  1. Select the “Sign in” or “Mail” hyperlink located at the top right corner of the Yahoo homepage, and you will be taken to the Yahoo mail Nigeria login page being the default login page.
  2. On the Yahoo Mail Sign In page, kindly enter your Yahoo email ID/address and
  3. Click on Next button to continue to the next step.

(If the email address you provided is correct, you will be taken to the next page else, you’ll land on the same page again).

  1. Now, kindly enter your Ymail Nigeria password into the space provided, then
  2. Finally, click on the “Sign in” button below to sign in to your Yahoo account.


Kindly note that Yahoo! will refuse to take you to your personal Yahoo account homepage or Yahoo Inbox page if the password you entered is incorrect. So ensure that your Username and Passwords are correct so that you will be able to login to your homepage.

Note: If the device you’re using is not your personal device, it is however advised that you deselect the “Stay signed in” option for security reasons.

If the computer you’re using to sign in to your yahoomail Nigerian account is not your personal computer, then you’ll need to manually log out of the system by unchecking the checked box, else you won’t be logged out of your Yahoo account from that computer, even if you close the browser.

Get a Free Disposable Email Account for Your Online Transactions.

Wrapping up

Now that you have seen how to create an email account on YahooMail, I encourage you to go ahead and open an extra account for your friend or family.

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Hope you found our guide about Ymail Sign Up in Nigeria- Registration | Ymail NG useful. Please feel free to drop your comments if you come across any problem in the cause of yahoo sign in at

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