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Waptrick Music – How to Upload Your Songs to Waptrick!

Hey friends, this article is one of the best online. Are you an upcoming music artist or an app developer? Do you want to reach a wider audience? Then I encourage you to embrace

Do you know that you can Create a Music Blog for Music, Videos and Related news ….so that people can listen, like, comment & share – upload music? I want to show you how!

In those articles, you will see that Waptrick and Waphan are some of the most famous download websites for FREE mp3, song lyrics, video, games and apps with just few clicks. Now, any music artist or app developer or artist (weather experienced or upcoming) that does not have and you don’t have your work live on the Waptrick website, then you’re losing out big time.

I know that you want publicity; you want to have your work online…….Waptrick is a big platform for you to upload your song, App, Game and download anything. Please read through this article because it is for you. Let’s go, can we?

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Upload your songs, Apps, Game, Files to

The following are the steps to uploading your songs, app, games or files to the platform.

First, share your music, files or mobile apps to

    • or

It is easy to do.

Go to your web browser and type or and create an account. Both sites are file sharing websites that works excellently well with Other file sharing websites exists but I want you to try out these ones; they are good on Immediately after that, go ahead and upload your songs, mobile apps, game, files to

  1. Click
  2. On the website, you will see usually located at the bottom side of page.
    Actually, that email is where you will send all the files you want to upload your songs, mobile apps, game, files to
  3. The next step is to Send the following to this email address:
    • The title of your songs, mobile apps, game, files
    • The name of the Music Artist, mobile app developer, or file creator
    • Your Location or country of residence and
    • The URL or hyperlink of the song you must have shared with or
    • Ensure that the subject of the email is related Upload of Songs (Mp3, Video and Song Lyrics) or Mobile Apps Upload Or File Upload, etc. This is dependent on what exactly that you are uploading to

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It might interest you to note that new songs, apps, and files are uploaded to Waptrick every few minutes. This makes the site a very busy and great platform for all. So within few minutes, your song or any of the files you published may vanish to the bottom of the music page.

Should you still want to grow your audience, that is, increase the number of downloads to your music on waptrick, do the following:

  1. Create A Music Blog, were you talk about your music products and lots more.
  2. Share your jobs with friends on social media, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social networks out there.
  3. Do this until you get a minimum of 10000 downloads so it can be rated among the trending and top downloads.

Wrapping up.

I am sure that you have seen that Waptrick is one of the best platforms to upload and download quality music album and videos for your enjoyment, on the go. Since I discovered this platform, I have fallen in love with it, in uploading and downloading videos from around the world.  If you’re a serious musician or digital marketer or blogger, then you must go to waptrick now, if you haven’t already.


This is the end of the article and I believe the following guides about How to Upload your Songs, Applications or Files to Waptrick helped? Please share to others.

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