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Similar to other custom email services such as email services, their exits a mutual relationship between SBCglobal email services and Yahoo! This partnership agreement between and Yahoo ensures that there is a support that offers a brotherhood and extensive separation calling, Internet supervisions and TV link. SBCglobal offers its customers a fundamental login access through Yahoo! This unique login access ensures that clients can login to their SBC account to analysis their calling history or see some other insights about their telecommunication records by means of the login access.

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Now, you have to log in to your account at the Yahoo mail login page, should you desire to have access to your SBCglobal account online. This is because; while there is a strong partnership between AT&T Internet services and Yahoo, mail is a component of mail. Of course, mail is easy to get through to, on the Yahoo! Platform.

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Consequently, you will be pointed to the Yahoo mail / mail log in page whenever you make a search for SBCglobal online. At that point, inside the Yahoo Mail login page, you are obligated to fill in your AT&T ID/your AT&T credentials (email, and your password), so that you can log in and have complete access to your email account.


How to Access Your Email Account Online: SBCGlobal Email Login

To sign into you email account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Yahoo Web Browser and navigate to the login page for through the Yahoo’s ATT.Net Email.
  2. Fill in your email ID/Username and password correctly, in their respective fields.
  3. Hit on the “Sign in” button to sign into your SBC Yahoo email account.

Should you forget or need to change your SBCglobal email login password, kindly follow the steps here and reset your SBCglobal password. If you have more complicated issues. You can contact the SBCglobal email support team.

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About SBCGlobal, AT&T and Yahoo Mail

I would like you to understand that the relationships seen amongst these enteritis; SBCglobal, ATT.Net and Yahoo Mail is cordial, simple and mutual! SBC inside SBCGlobal actually means Southwestern Bell Company. Back in the year 2005, that was the name it used to bear before made a strategic acquisition of AT&T, and decided to take up AT&T’s which was well known and better appreciated at that time. Actually, this is what led to its rebranding, from SBC, to AT&T.

Even before AT&T cut off its link with Google (in January 2008), which led to the porting of all its webmail clients to the Yahoo platform, there were complete support for clients who previously registered for legacy SBCglobal email addresses. In fact, those SBC legacy customers were the earliest to be ported to the AT&T Yahoo! Service. Therefore, as an email accountholders, you are essentially redirected to go to Yahoo’s portal, to access their accounts.


To get you going, here is the link! Yahoo’s email login page.

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