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Here is the link to signup for RediffMail

Like YahooMail, & Gmail, Outlook and many others, Rediffmail is an excellent email service provider used by millions of people all over the world. It started since 1995 and is rated as one of the biggest email service providers worldwide. Run from Mumbai India, RediffMail has offices in cities like New York. Just like YahooMail, & Gmail, Rediffmail also have News, Shopping, Videos, MyPage, Gifts and Money or financial services together with some other beautiful services.

According to, Rediffmail is both a web-based and app-based email service provided by It boasts of about 95 million subscribers from around the world with unlimited free storage.

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Email services from Rediffmail are absolutely free, easy and available to anyone. Therefore you can Sign Up or Open a rediffmail account today. Follow us in this article as we show you how you can Create a RediffMail Account, Sign In or Login to your RediffMail Account and do other beautiful things. So sit tight, take a cup of coffee and read through our guides on how to RediffMail.

How to Create RediffMail account

To open or create a RediffMail account, follow these steps:

  1. From your browser, type to open.
  2. Look up at the top right corner of the window and you will see the “Create a New Account” option.
  3. Click the “Create New Account” link. The new account page is displayed.

RediffMail Sign Up

  • Now, you have to supply your Full-Names, RediffMail ID and Password.

Note: Enter your alternative Email ID if you have any; else you tick the box.

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  • Next, answer the security question and other information such as Country, Phone Number etc.
  • Click “Create My Account”.

If you followed this instruction, you will successfully create your Rediffmail account. Congratulations. There’s also a RediffMailPro for users that want extended professional services Login | RediffMail Sign In

If you have successfully created your account or have a rediffmail account, you may login to it through the following steps:

  1. Visit the RediffMail website and select “Sign In”.
  2. Supply your RediffMail Username and Password
  3. Click Login. Shopping Option

We have already informed you that Rediff offers other beautiful services outside of Email services. Such services include: Shopping, News, Finance etc.

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The online shopping platform of rediff is, selling assorted items like mobile phones, shopping, apparel and accessories, home utility and electronics. As soon as you order for a good, it is delivered to your home, comfortably. You make payment by COD (Cash on Delivery) for India residents only or online payments via credit and debit cards.

News on RediffMail

As earlier mentioned, offers more than Email services. It also has a news site known as Rediff News. I think it is one of the biggest online news channel from India broadcasting latest news, trends and breaking news. You will love so much.

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Don’t hesitate to drop a comment if you get stuck on how to Sign Up or Create a RediffMail account. We shall help you.

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In conclusion, reading through our How To Guide, you will observe that we have outlined how you can successfully create a account, Login to RediffMail and do some other awesome things like Rediff shopping, News, Videos etc.


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