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Gmail Registration

To many professionals, Gmail is Free email service of choice. I think they have their reasons which we shall see as you read down this post. The Gmail otherwise known as Googel Email is a professional email service provided by Google and it is is compatible with all devices.

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If you have been following us on TechMatas, you will find out that we have provided plenty of tips and guides that could assist you to operate and manage your Gmail accounts perfectly and professionally. But for the sake of clarity and ease, I will take you through some of the most important Gmail tips, Create Gmail accounts as well as add some other very important guides, which I believe that you need to know.

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Talking about why many professionals prefers Gmail service more than others like the Yahoo! Mail, we observe that once you open just a single email account from google, you have total access to the following:

  1. All of Google Products: Google Plus page, Google Drive, Google Documents, Google Maps, Google Play, Google Music, Google Calendar, etc.
  2.  All of Google Services:  Google Blogger, Google Analytics, Google Adword, Google Adsense,, etc.

So you can see that Google is a fully loaded with lots of Free stuff for you. Those and many more are what you stand to benefit as soon as you Create a Gmail account. I need not tell you that it is very easy to sign up a Gmail account and you can freely do that right at the comfort of your bedroom with any PC or smart phone, running any operatio=ng system of your choice.

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Before I continue, if you have not registered for a FREE Gmail account, here is the How To Guide: Sign Up or Register for a Gmail Account.

Brief History of Gmail

After what looked like a play-like scenario, Google introduced the Gmail as one of its products in April 1, 2004. But it was welcomed with lots of uncertainties as people thought of what this new new email would be like; will it be different from all others that existed before it?  Meanwhile, Google has been caught in the web of playing April fool pranks in the past like the PigeonRank prank. Read more about the History of Gmail, go to Wikipedia Gmail Page. Quickly, also see Gmail sign up and Gmail sign in easy-to-use guide below.

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Video Tutorial | Sign Up and Sign In

Please watch the video tutorial below on Youtube direct page. Anyways, watch it below.


How to Register or Create A Gmail Account

This process allows you to open a new Gmail account from the scratch. You will love the Gmail because it is loaded with several amazing Email management features, you can’t see anywhere else.

To create a Gmail account, follow these steps:

  1. Click to open the browser of your choice. They include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer etc.

To see the other corresponding steps about how to Sign Up for an Gmail account, follow this easy guide: Create a New Google Mail Account.

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How to Choose a Strong Password

Very importantly, every one of us need a very strong password so that we can be able to securely login and out of our Emails and do other businesses on the internet. So we have written about how you can get a very strong password.

Some of the tips to creating a strong password include:

  • Use a combination of alphabets (uppercase and lowercase), numbers and symbols. They make your password very difficult to guess and hack.
  • Avoid the temptation of writing your password out on papers and keeping carelessly.
  • Avoid the use of your name, date of birth and that easily-available personal information. They might be easy to guess.

To see more of the important tips about how to create a very strong password, follow this link: How to Choose a Strong Password Online.

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How to Sign In or Login to a Gmail Account.

Signing in to your Google Mail account is not difficult. It will only need a few simple processes. The following is the step by step to signing in to your account from any Browser of Your Choice

  1. Open your browser ( it could be Google Chrome, internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc)
  2. On the address bar of your browser, enter and select the hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard. This action takes you to your sign up or login page.

For country-specific Gmail domain names, take a look at our table below and see your country’s Gmail domain.

Repeat Steps 1 and 2, putting your country’s Gmail domain appropriately. This action takes you to your sign up or login page.

  1. On the Sign Up page, provide your USERNAME (that is your yahoo email address) and your PASSWORD, in the boxes provided.
  2. Click the Sign in page.

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12 Awesome Features of Gmail You Don’t Probably Use.

Outside the normal and very familiar features that Gmail provides for users, there are much other important and easy to use functionality available. Below are some of the features and core functionalities you may not have known:

  1. Right click Emails to “Archive”, “Delete” and “Mark as Read”. To enable and achieve this:
  2. Go to settings > Lab > Enable Mark as Read > Save Change.
  3. Mute Group Emails
  4. Verify the source of emails for safety purposes.
  5. Sign out remotely
  6. Use the preview panel
  7. Use the Gmail Settings and sorting tools
  8. Add Email Signatures
  9. Add and Use the Vacation Responder or Reply Auto setup
  10. Activate the “Unsend Email” Feature.
  11. Use the preview panel.
  12. Out of Office Auto reply

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Managing Gmail Settings

Google makes it very easy for users to make changes to the settings and mange their accounts. This is why many organizations and professionals go for Gmail as their official email app.

Your Email settings ensure that you have the right things at the right places, keep away spam mails, create groups and organize your email inbox messages.

To see how to efficiently manage and set your Gmail accounts and operate it perfectly well, follow this link: Managing Gmail Settings | | Gmail Sign In

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Checking Your Google Email Activities | How To Monitor Your Google Email Account Activities

The security of your Gmail account is very important especially since your important personal information and documents are transmitted through it, almost on a daily bases. Once you start using your Google email, you must make it a point of duty to Monitor your activities to see if someone has hacked, is attacking and doing something funny inside of it.

The following are what you can do and should serve as a guide to monitoring account activities on your Gmail account:

  • Check the IP addresses of the computers and mobile systems used to sign in to your Gmail account.
  • To locate the IP addresses, Sign in to your Gmail account, locate and select “account activity” link in your Gmail account.
  • If you are suspecting malicious activities in your account, you will make a great discovery detailing a list of the last IP addresses that were used sign into your Gmail account.

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To see more of the important tips about how to monitor your Gmail account, follow this link: How to Monitor Your Gmail Account.


Google Email Security | How to Protect Your Google Email Account From Hacking in 6 Ways

The security of our Gmail accounts is a very important matter and therefore should become a priority for every Gmail user. It is essential to care about the safety of your Email account because they are one of the most important assets we have on the internet. The inbox of our Email stores received messages. Our accounts on Social Networks, Blogs & Websites, Credit & Payment Cards (Payoneer, PayPal etc) are tied and managed via our Emails.

How to Protect Your Gmail Account

There are plenty of ways to care and protect your Google Email account. But I have carefully selected about 6 important ways amongst others. So the following are what you can do and should serve as a guide to monitoring account activities on your Gmail account:

  1. Keep away from checking Emails at local Internet Cafes or Public Systems.
  2. Enable 2-Step Verification Of Gmail Accounts

To see other 4 ways and full description of each and every one of them, follow this link: How to Protect Your Gmail Account in 6 Ways.

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Auto-Forwarding Gmails to An Alternate Email account.

Auto-forwarding is an automatic way of sending an Email message received in one Email account (Primary account) to another Email account (Secondary or Alternate account).

As soon as you create a new Gmail account, you must set up your Gmail accounts (primary and alternate accounts) such that you’re newly opened secondary Gmail account automatically Forward Gmail to your Main Email Accounts.

How to Forward Gmails To A Secondary Email Account

Here are the step by step guides to doing this:

  • Create a new Gmail account and opt for a new password for it. The password of this alternate Gmail account must not be the same with the password of your main or primary Gmail account.

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  • Sign in to your primary Gmail account, Select “Settings” and navigate to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.

To see other corresponding steps, continue at this link: How to Forward Email Messages to Alternate Email Accounts.

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Adding an Email Signature

An email signature makes our outgoing messages professional and business-like. Have you received from emails where you see some texts at the end of the email, listing the Sender’s name, titles, mobile phone no’s and other contacts?

That is an Email Signature. Google email provides us with this feature with which we can a professional look and feel for our outgoing messages.

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When added, an Email Signature appears at the bottom of every email you send. This feature is especially important if you are using Gmail at work or in the office. It is through that Gmail does not include a signature for you but you can create one for yourself; it is not difficult.

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How to Add an Email Signature to Your Gmail Outgoing Messages

  1. Select “Settings” from the gear icon in the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Scroll down to the Signature section.

To see other corresponding steps, continue at this link: How to Create Email Signatures for Email Messages.


Activate the “UnSend An Email” Message Sent to A Wrong Recipient By Mistake.

Have you sent a message only to discover that the recipient is never supposed to see that Email at all? Yes, we are all human being with tendencies to make mistakes.

But with Gmail from Google, you are pretty guaranteed of a solution to this mistake in 30 seconds, only. Gmail has provided users with a unique feature which shall allow you to Unsend Any Email. And this will be possible within 30 seconds of sending the Email.

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This unique feature is known as Undo Send. It must be “turned on” before you can use it. Then after, you have the grace to UNSEND any email you mistakenly sent to a wrong recipient with a single click.

How to Enable Undo Send Feature:

  1. Login to your Gmail Account | Gmail Sign In
  2. Click the Settings button in the upper-right corner,
  3. Choose Settings from the menu.

To see other corresponding steps, continue at this link: How to Activate the UnSEND an Email Feature.

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How to Add a Vacation Reply to Email

Vacation Reply is a feature that allows you to send an auto-reply to anyone who emails you while you are absent, on vacation, or unwilling or unable to check your email for some time.

This is especially important when the sender of such emails require urgent attention and needs your quick response but does not know that you won’t see the message on time.

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How to Add a Vacation Reply:

  1. Select Settings from the gear icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Locate the Vacation responder section below.
  3. Choose the date you want the vacation reply to start from the First day. You may also choose a Last day.

To see other corresponding steps, continue at this link: How to Activate the “Vacation Responder” Email Feature.


How to Search Email In Gmail Accounts

Searching and sorting your email message inbox can never be easier than this. Google Mail provides users with an easy to use search feature. This search feature allows you to search for a specific or set of emails with similar keywords.

To easily search and sort for emails in your inbox, please do the following:

To see corresponding steps and more of the important tips about how to monitor your Gmail account, follow this link: How to Search and Sort Your Gmail Account.


Gmail for Mobile Devices| How To Connect Your Mobile Number With Your Gmail Account

At TechMatas, we define Mobile devices as any electronic device which enables users to connect to the World Wide Web anytime and anywhere. They are very handy and enhance connectivity on the go. Irrespective of the mobile device you have, you have the opportunity to send and receive Gmail messages anywhere and anytime.

A Must Read: Protect Your Gmail Account From Being Hacked In 6 Ways

Specifically for this guide, we’ll show you how to set up a Gmail Account with the native email application (the Gmail application you would normally use on the computer) on your device. We are also going to show you how to set up the official Gmail app for iPhone and Android.

How To Connect Your Mobile Number With Your Gmail Account

There are 2 great ways of connecting your Gmail Account to a mobile device. They are actually easy to understand. They are:

  1. The Native Google Email app
  2. The Official Gmail Mobile app.

Follow this link to continue: How to Connect Your Mobile Number With Your Gmail Account.


Google Mail App | How to Login to GMail App.

Gmail also allows mobile device users to download Google mail app to their devices and login straight instead of going through the native Gmail. So, if you don’t have this app on your device and you want to have a feel of what it looks like, then download one from the Apple Store or Play Store.

The following steps guide you to Sign in to Gmail App.

  1. Download the Gmail App to your device. This App is downloaded and installed for you.
  2. Select the Google Mail icon to open its window.
  3. On the Sign Up page, provide your USERNAME (that is your yahoo email address) and your PASSWORD, in the boxes provided.
  4. Click the Sign in page.

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Google has made it so easy for you to login to your Emails and totally surf Google using your country specific Google domain. Now, you may Sign Up and Sign In by visiting Google Email, using your country specific Google Domain listed in the Table below.

As soon as you type in your country’s Google domain address, Click the GMAIL option at the top right corner of your page and continue from there.

Country Name                                  Country Email Domain
GMail Argentina
GMail Australia
GMail Austria
GMail Belgium (French)
GMail Brazil   
GMail Canada (English)
GMail Colombia
GMail Croatia
GMail the Czech Republic
GMail Denmark
GMail Finland  
GMail France   
GMail Germany
GMail Greece   
GMail Hong Kong
GMail Hungary
GMail India
GMail Indonesia
GMail Ireland
GMail Israel 
 GMail Italy  
GMail Japan  
GMail Malaysia
GMail Mexico   
GMail Middle East
GMail Netherlands
GMail New Zealand
GMail Norway   
GMail Poland   
GMail Portugal   
GMail Romania   
GMail Russia   
GMail  Singapore   
GMail South Africa
GMail Sweden   
GMail Switzerland (French)
GMail Switzerland (German)
GMail Taiwan   
GMail Thailand   
GMail Turkey     
GMail United Kingdom
GMail United States
GMail Vietnam  

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We will like to know if you still have aby questions with respect to Gmail Services and Tips. Please don’t hesitate to send in your questions through the Comment box. Share with friends. Thank you.

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