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Why You Should Watch KweséTV Instead of DSTV (Multichoice) – A Dealer’s Viewpoint

Disclaimer: “Why You Should Watch KweséTV Instead of DSTV (Multichoice)” is solely the viewpoint of a salesman who wants to promote his trade. do not necessarily share this view.

We will welcome a counter-post from DSTV – in form of a sponsored post. Should you want to send in a Sponsored Post & Article for your Products and Services to us, please click Sponsored Post. why you should choose KweseTVIn most African countries, DSTV (Multichoice) is synonymous with PayTV services and the company has had the privilege to dictate who pays what and how much, for all PayTV services in Africa. However, it is no longer business as usual as an alternative in the mold of KweseTV, is already on ground to fight for a market share with them.

Since the Lunching of KweseTV which is a Pay TV service, that is targeted to African PayTV service viewers in early 2016 by Econet Global, their has been a massive competition for the market share of this business in Africa. This new TV service which is owned by Econet Global in which Dr Strive Masiyiwa is the CEO,  has given a credible alternative to millions of African PayTV viewers, who had long been literally forced to live with one TV service; DSTV over a decade.

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Reasons Why You Should Choose KweséTV Instead of DSTV (Multichoice)

In a recent press release, the CEO of Econet Global Dr Strive Masiyiwa was of the view that KweseTV aims to have a competitive edge over DSTV by providing lower priced better quality programs. Choosing KweseTV will offer you the following:

  1. Provision of lower-priced TV service
  2. Better quality programs and contents.
  3. Deployment of better technologies that will reach different platforms and audiences.
  4. The company has already secured distribution rights for Live English Premier League matches, which are popular in Africa and Asia.

I’ll like you to note that KweseTV can use its satellite platform Liquid Sat to deliver Digital Satellite TV. It can also use its fiber optic networks platform Liquid Fibre to deliver Cable TV. It can also use its mobile network operations Econet Global to deliver IPTV, which will be streamed on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers and television.

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Specifically, KweseTV channels are well above 60, it’s decoder has the same features with DSTV explorer, its premium subscription is almost half of what DSTV can offer. In Nigeria for example, subscription cost is #6,270 and their products (kwese dish & decoder) is #10,870 – a complete kit with installations and one month free offer. This amount is quite cheap compared to what it is at DSTV.

Already, Multichoice DSTV services have attracted a lot of negative reviews over the years due to their monopoly of PayTV services and their perceived highhandedness in fixing heavy prices for their services and this could be their greatest undoing. Yes, many subscribers believe that they  provide repetitive shows and contents at overly priced amounts.

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Wrapping up.

“Why You Should Watch KweséTV Instead of DSTV (Multichoice)” is solely the viewpoint of a salesman who wants to promote his trade. do not necessarily share this view. At, we believe that healthy Competition between KweséTV VS DSTV(Multichoice) will positively affect the quality of PayTV services in Africa and will positively build the battered self esteem and morals of the African youth . Do you have a contrary viewpoint? Please write your comment in the box below.

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