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Best 11 Free Email Services

Google Mail (GMAIL) and Yahoo Mail aren’t the only FREE email services. There are a whole lot of them. You can be picky in selecting the best email service for your need. Of course, each service will offer you with unlimited storage, efficient spam filtering and management, user-friendly interface both on mobile devices and computers.

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In this article, we have carefully analyzed using some important criterias and presented you with a list of the Best 11 Free Email services you can comfortably use for you business and personal deals now, 2017 and going forward . You may call it TechMatas first 11Free email service.

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  1. Google Email (GMail).

Gmail is arguably number one on this list of Best Free Email Service Providers, worldwide. Provided by Google; world’s most popular search engine, Gmail has overtaken Yahoo Mail and has got the highest number of users.

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With unlimited storage space, your email messages and files are safely kept. With an easy-t-use interface, you are able to search, sort, monitor and manage your email with no issues. It’s amazing POP and IMAP access allows users to have access to their email messages at any time and on any device. rates GMAIL no 1.

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  1. Yahoo Mail

Yahoomail is for now, the second largest email service provider, behind Gmail. Although their seems to be a continuos stiff competition between the two, Gmail is still leading. It’s is an ubiquitous email service availble on the web, windows 8 and other samrt phones.

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Yahoomail provodes unlimited storage, SMS tool, Instant Messaging app (Yahoo Messenger) and social networking app (Flickr). With Yahoomail, it is easy to manage your email messages, filter spam & junk mails automatically as well as access your messages on major devices. rates Yahoo Mail No2

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  1. Outlook Mail

A very popular free email service in he United States and Canada, provides users with unlimited storage for their messages. With a simple user interface, it can be accessed on the web and in other smart devices using IMAP, POP and Exchange ActiveSync in email programs. At, we rates Outlook Mail No3.

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  1. Mail

Like YahooMail, & Gmail, Outlook and many others, Rediffmail is both a web-based and app-based email service provided by It boasts of about 95 million subscribers from around the world with unlimited free storage. Rediff Mail is an excellent email service provider and is rated as one of the biggest  worldwide.

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Run from Mumbai India, RediffMail has offices in cities like New York. Just like YahooMail, & Gmail, Rediffmail also have News, Shopping, Videos, MyPage, Gifts and Money or financial services together with some other beautiful services.

At, we rate Rediff Mail no 4. For more Mail Tips, See Mail Sign up, Sign In and Core Management Tips.


  1. Zoho Mail

A great free email service, Zoho Mail boasts of unlimited storage space, POP and IMAP access and a solid connection with a unique instant messaging app. It also connected to online Office suites. It provides amazing email manageemnt and sorting assistants. Unlike the previous email services, Zoho is targeted at professional users and businesses.

At although with tongue in check, we rate Zoho Mail 5th best.

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  1. Yandex Mail

Like Rediff Mail in India, Yandex is the biggest free email service provider in the nation of Russia. It provides a rich, scalable and amazing web and mobile app access, POP and IMAP access. With an unlimited storage facility, Yandex the following: message reminders and templates, keyboard and e-cards for efficient handling of email email messages.  With some text snippets and support templates, Yandex can work as a web based client for users.

At, we carefully rate Yandex Mail as No 6.

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  1. Aim Mail

This is a Free Email Service provided by Amercan Online (AOL). Although it is not as popular as the Yahoo Mail, Gmail and others, it is widely used in the United States and boasts of unlimited storage space fo it’s users. With a great spam filter, AIM Mail service is secure and very easy to use.

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Unlike the previous email services on this list, AOL Mail is less productive with  no labels, folder and message threading facility. It however has a good POP and IMAP access.

At, we will rate AIM Mail 7th overall.


  1. GMX Mail and

Provide by by GMX (Global Mail eXchange) a German company, GMX Mail is a free Email service provider available especially in Germany. Like many other email service providers including Yahoomail and Gmail, GMX Mail users may access GMX Mail through the regular POP3 and IMAP4 protocols.

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GMX email account holder s are provided with a Mail Collector, Address Book, Organizer, and File Storage. He or she can then register about 10 personal GMX email addresses. With over 11 million active users, It is the only big email service provider that still services popup ads.  At, we rate GMX Mail as 8th best.

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  1. iCloud Mail

From the name, you can safely guess that the iClod Mail service is an Email product of Apple as a gift for its users. Free to Apple devices, iCloud has unlimited storage facility, IMAP access as well as a beatiful web app.

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Unlike the previous email services on this list, iCloud Mail does not have labels and many advanced email management tools. It provides no support for other email services. It does not have POP access. All this makes it less productive when compared to other free email services.

iCloud Mail takes the 9th position.


  1. Mail

The Mail service provides users with a limited storage for messages and files; 5GB. It is fast, stylish and very functional. The inbox is accessible through a web app with labels, search and other email management featues to support you. It offers POP access.

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However, Mail service does not have support for IMAP and you will need some tons of guides to work throug it. At TechMatas+, we rate it No 10.


  1. MyWay Mail

Although it is not as tight as the Yahoo Mail, Gmail and others, MyWay Mail is fast, fun and easy to use. It is however not very secured for instant messaging. It does not also have some important features for email services. At techMatas Best 11 pick for Free Email Services, this takes the rear.

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What do you say about Top 11 Free Email Services | First 11 Free Email Services? If you have a contrary opinion, please let us know on the Comment Box. Do share this post with friends.

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