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Security Tips Of Using Credit Cards or Payment Cards | Mobile Banking | Online Banking

In the United States, Canada, UAE and several other nations of the world, Credit and payment cards are visibly the commonest means of settling bills. They are also usually used to make payment for goods and services, on the go. But there are inherent risks associated with making payments over an insecure connection. Therefore we must take these Security Tips Of Using Credit Cards For Online Transaction seriously to prevent from happening, any stories that that the heart.

Online banking & Mobile banking apps, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Automated Teller Machines ATMs are smart innovations in the banking and financial businesses which is driven by the explosion  information technology products, apps and services. Following these innovations, banking services have been made so easy and seamless such that anyone can sit at the comfort of his or her home and make transactions across states and geographical regions of the world.

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However, the internet upon which mobile banking operates is prone to security breaches. Unsuspecting and sometimes, ignorant bank customers have severally been scammed and defrauded of huge sums of money online. These customers fell for some tricks including Email messages, alerts, text messages and phone calls purported to be from their respective bankers.

In the light of this development, banks have been advised to educate and inform their customers about these new developments and tactics deployed by fraudsters to scam customers.

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As a way of supporting this effort, I encourage you to read through these important security tips for doing mobile banking or Online Banking using your credit cards and payment cards.  We need to be careful how we relate to people online, especially when doing banking transactions online.

Security Tips | Mobile Banking Or Internet Banking

  1. Your Bank will NEVER request for your account information or an update of your personal banking details (including BVN) via e-mail or telephone.
  2. Please DISREGARD and DELETE all such emails as these are scam emails intended to defraud you.
  3. In addition, NEVER generate a token or passcode for anyone via telephone, e-mail or internet chat.
  4. Always ensure you check that the sender of all Email messages is from ‘’Your Bank’’ before responding to any Email.
  5. Your Bank contact centre will never call you to request that you click or respond to any email.
  6. Always securely keep your pins and password securely.

In addition to the fake email drafts which these fraudsters usually send to bank customers, it is important that you take particular caution in your transactions. Please note that:

  1. Your Bank email transaction alerts should always address you by your full name.
  2. Your transaction alerts should display only the last four digits of your account number and mask the rest. If this is not so with your bank, find out why. If they don’t want to help you, change your bank.
  3. Your bank can not pre-inform you that funds will be deducted from your account later. Normally, you will get alerts after the transaction has been concluded.

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In conclusion, we must be extra careful and take those Security Tips Of Using Credit Cards or Payment Cards for Mobile Banking or Online Banking seriously as scammers are fine-tuning their strategies to everyday. As much as online banking, internet banking and mobile banking has positively affected our lives, businesses and so many other things, they still have plenty of backdrops and negatives. It is now your responsibility to guard against these loopholes. We need to be careful how we relate to people online, especially when doing banking transactions online.

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