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Payoneer Card | Payoneer Account- How To Withdraw Funds to Local Bank Account.

Do you know that with your Payoneer account, you can now withdraw Funds to local bank account? From your local bank ATM, you can get to withdraw cash from your Payoneer Account.

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Payoneer, offers a “Withdraw Funds to Local Bank Account” service that enables you to withdraw money from your Payoneer Account directly to your personal bank account in your country. With Payoneer, you can receive payments from global customers and clients and Withdraw to Local Bank Account quickly and with ease, in your local currency.  This service is available in over 150 countries and currencies of the world.

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Before The “Withdraw Funds to Local Bank Account” Services;

Before you can make “Withdraw to Local Bank Account” service, you will be requested to “ADD” a bank account in your name or an account that is owned by you. If it is your business account – cooperate account, you may be asked to present supporting account ownership documentation. According to payooneer, the picture below shows exactly how it works.

How To Open Payoneer Account in Nigeria 

How To ADD My Bank Account To My Payoneer Account?

  1. Log into
  2. From the menu, go to “Withdraw” and then “To Bank Account”.
  3. If you are yet to ADD your bank account or this is your first time of withdrawing funds, click “Add Bank Account”.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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How To Withdraw Funds From My Payoneer Account To My Bank Account?

As soon as Payoneer approves the bank account you added to your Payoneer account (as described above), you can start using it to Withdraw to Local Bank Account.

  • Log in to your Payoneer Online Account.
  • From the menu, go to “Withdraw” and then “To Bank Account“.
  • Select the card account you want to Withdraw from and choose the bank account you want to transfer the funds to.
  • Fill in other details of the transfer and click “Next“.
  • Enter in your Security Confirmation page and submit your withdrawal request.

Now, you have to know that transfer fee may vary according to the selected country and currency but there is no setup or recurring (monthly/annual) fee associated with the Withdraw to Bank Service. To find out the relevant fees for your country and currency, please contact Payoneer.

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Please note that “Withdraw Funds to Local Bank Account” service is currently available to select countries of the world. Not everyone account holder can access it.Is the Payoneer “Withdrawal of Funds to Your Local Bank” Service available for your country? Leave a comment.

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