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Netflix Sign-up without Credit Card.

If you are a regular reader of TechMatas, you would have seen that we have written a concise article about Netflix Registration and sign up. With the Netflix app, users can watch movies, music videos and films of their choice as if they are watching through their smart TVs. It is also available for all devices like Tablet, iPhone, Android, Computer/Desktop.

Interestingly, we pointed out that Netflix gives a FREE one month access to amazing music videos and movies, as a foretaste to what you will experience in the coming months. Again, users can decide to sign up and use Netflix streaming services without Credit Card. You can decide to subscribe using your Payoneer or PayPal wallet.

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In this article, we presented how you can access your Netflix account without a Credit Card. You will also learn how to solve other Netflix registration problems


How to Subscribe for Netflix Without Credit Card

As pointed out in the earlier section and post, Netflix gives you a FREE one month subscription to its fabulous video and movie contents. The following steps show how to register for a Netflix account without credit card. Should you desire to register for a new Netflix account so that you can stream music videos and movies from your digital device?

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Please follow these steps below:

  1. Visit the official site as
  2. Select “Start your Free month
  3. Click on see your Plans. When it opens, Select the type of subscription that you want for Netflix; Basic.
  4. Click “Continue”. Supply required details (Email and Password) and then select “Continue”.
  5. Select “Payoneer” or “PayPal” instead of Credit Card, when you are asked for payment information.
  6. Click Continue to Payoneer or PayPal.
  7. Provide other necessary information and Click On Log In
  8. On the next screen, click Agree and Continue.

You will be required to choose which type of Netflix subscription you prefer.  Click on an option to select it.

  1. Scroll down the screen and click the check box to confirm that you are over 18 and agree to Netflix’s rules.  Then click Start Membership.

Once you are done, you are now signed up for a Netflix account. You can now pay with your Payoneer MasterCard or PayPal account instead of a credit card!

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You can easily download your Netflix app for your tablets, iOS or Smartphone and blackberry! There are also Free Netflix app for iPad, iPhone, Android, iOS Mac and Windows 8.

Follow these links to download your Netflix mobile app.

  1. Download Netflix app for iPhone
  2. Download Netflix app for Windows 8
  3. Download Netflix app for iPad
  4. Download Netflix App on your Android Device

Once you finish downloading your Netflix app, Login to Netflix on with your Email & Password.

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