How to Recover Lost Social Medial Account – Facebook, Wechat, Linkedin, Flirchi, Hitwe,

There have been complaints from people about how they can retrieve/ recover lost passwords on social media accounts like:  Facebook, Wechat, LinkedIn, Instagran, Filipinocupid, Flirchi, Hitwe, and more.

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Therefore, we thought of how to help other users who might be having similar challenges of recovering their Passwords from Social Medial platforms like Facebook, Skype, whatsapp, Instagram, Wechat, Linkedin and other more. Retrieving a lost Social Account is really as easy as opening a new Medial account, all you need to do is to follow this step below in other to successfully open your Flirchi, Hitwe, Facebook, Wechat, Linkedin, Instagran, Filipinocupid and more.

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Recover Password | How to Retrieve Lost Social Medial Account

The only way you will lose your social media account is by login in with an incorrect User ID and Password. When you try to login with an incorrect user credentials, the app will stop you.  And if you repeat it for another specified number of times, it will block you out.

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Therefore to avoid being blocked out, follow these steps to retrieve your Lost Social Media Account:

1.       First,  visit the social medial site home page.

2.       Enter your User Name in the appropriate box.

3.       Scroll down to see “Forget Password”. Check or Click on it.

4.       Type in your Email Adress with which you registered.

5.        After some time you will receive an email notification with a link that will help you get your account back by renewing you account user name and password.

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I believe that following these steps, you will be successful in recovering any of your Social Medial Account. But just in case you cloud not still Retrieve Lost Social Medial Account, then you may contact us for help using the comment box. This is only if you have tried your best to retrieve your Lost Flirchi, Hitwe, Facebook, Wechat, Linkedin, Skype and more.
Do stay connected and Bookmark in your browser for more Digital and Social Media tips and tricks. Should you have any questions and contributions to make about How to Retrieve Lost Social Medial Account, Please use the Comment Box below? We will get back to you as soon as possible. Many thanks.

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  1. Hi Yun, sorry this is coming late but here is what you can do to recover your wechat account.

    I believe that you know that you may have lost your old wechat account as a result of incorrect UserID or Password. Now you can get your Old Wechat account back by following the same process we listed in this article.

    1.First,visit the Wechat homepage.
    2.Enter your UserName in the UserId box
    3.Scroll down to see “Forget Password”.
    4.Check or Click on it.
    5.Type in your Email Address with which you registered. You will receive a message in your email box, asking you to confirm that you want to recover/change password.
    6.Click to go ahead and follow the prompts.

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    Have any more question, comment below or contact me now

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