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Let’s look at this scenario. You have an order to make for an indispensable good or service that is expiring so soon and you just realized that you don’t have enough balance in your PayPal account or any bank or credit card account available. What will you do in such a circumstance? Perhaps, resigning to fate and nursing your regrets becomes the easiest option for you.

Good news!! You don’t need to worry because you’ve got a great option with PayPal as they have made available My Cash Card at  This product is designed to assist you make your orders and receive your goods in good time.

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How to instantly Load Money to Your PayPal Account with My Cash Card

Being the first PayPal-branded Cash Card for multipurpose online transactions, my Cash Card allows you to load cash straight into your PayPal account instead of using a conventional bank transfer. PayPal my Cash Card is available and sold at over 30,000 locations from over 60,000 accredited retailers nationwide. The card amount can range from $500 per day and maximum of $4,000 per month. My Cash Card is easy to use, secured and convenient as you can easily and instantly load money to your PayPal account in order for you to make your payment during emergency and any other time with just an activation fee of $3.95.

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You can get one from any of the following vendors and retailers. They include:

  • Dollar General,
  • Family Dollar,
  • CVC,
  • Rite Aid,
  • Freds and more.

You can purchase a PayPal My Cash Card with amount range from $20 to $500 and have your card activated and also registered by paying $3.95.

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How to purchase your PayPal My Cash Card

You may purchase you PayPal My Cash Card using the following steps:

  • Go to
  • Select the orange button marked “PayPal Access” to log in.
  • Select “Create a PayPal Account” button to sign up if you’re a new user. For more information, see How to Sign up for a PayPal account.
  • Type in your email address and password, and then press “Log In”.
  • Fill in the PIN correctly that is printed on your My Cash Card and provide some of your personal details such as name, address, date of birth, Social Security Number and so on.

Congratulations. You have successfully completed the process. Please, note that the PayPal Cash Card is non-reloadable.

For issues such as “website not working or slow”, please contact directly the customer service representatives on 1-855-721-5035. For other issues with respect to “return of Cash card”, please visit I’ll have you know that refunds are only possible when you’ve not redeemed your Card and refunds cannot be requested from the retailer.

Visit, to load your cash right away! You can go right away to get your PayPal My Cash Cards,

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Review of PayPal is the official and business website of PayPal Holdings, Inc.

It is an American company which operates a global online payment system. It is regarded as the biggest and most popular payment system. It is safe, fast and secured with a pool of completed transactions proofs and documents you can see. These characteristics has helped them gain the confidence of users across worldwide, making them use PayPal to do most of their payments instead of using credit cards. It is presently available in about 203 countries  and is used by over 188 million people worldwide. With PayPal, users can do Local and International Transactions online real-time. For more information, please see PayPal Review


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