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How to download YouTube Video

Have you ever watched an amazing video on YouTube and you wished to have it on your device, so you could watch again at your convenience? Worry no more, because your wish is become reality with these Esay-to-use step by step guide, you will take, in order to download a YouTube video direct to your PC or Mobile device.

But before you can do this excellently, you should ensure that you have a good internet connection. The steps in this tutorial is basically how to download YouTube video without any software, all you need in this tutorial of downloading YouTube video is the “” tool which one done, you will be redirected to the Savefrom.Net website where you have to proceed with your YouTube video download.

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How to Download YouTube Video

Watch the video directly on YouTube….Click Watch Video. Otherwise, click to watch it here and then follow the simple steps below:


Now here are the Simple Step-By-Step Guide to Download YouTube Video to your PC, iPhone and Android

  • Go to YouTube and search for that beautiful video you watched the last time, which you want to download.
  • Hoover your mouse to the video URL and replace the “www.” with “SS”.
  • Click Enter. For instance:

Original URL:,

URL for downloading:

  1. Once you have clicked enter in the step above, you will be redirected to a “” page where you will have to select the file quality that you want to download.

(To minimize the cost of this download on your Data, kindly click on the green arrow pointing downwards and select HD 320 instead of the default HD 720 that will come up and click download file)

  1. Selected your desired file quality? Click on download and wait for the file download to start.
  2. Choose the file location in your PC or mobile device which you want to save the YouTube video.
  3. Click save.

This will initiate download a YouTube video operation. Once the file is downloaded, kindly minimize the page and go to your video gallery to watch the video.

How to download a video via

This is the simplest and commonest method of using the free YouTube video downloader:

  1. Do open
  2. Type in the URL address of the webpage you want to download from into the field on the top of the page.
  3. Click the “Download” button on the right of the page and you will get the list containing all available links.
  4. Choose a format you want and download. see image below;

YouTube Video downloader

Congratulations. I know that you have now seen that Downloading YouTube video is really a very Simple and easy to do. Kindly share this post with friends and drop you comment and questions should you have any. Enjoy your YouTube Videos.

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