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Do you want to create your own WordPress blog with very little capital? Do you know that it will only take less than 10 minutes to make your blog live using hosting like Hostgator? Here are one of my hottest article: How to buy Cheap & Reliable WordPress hosting Plus 1 Free Domain from – Hosting HostingYou’re obviously buying Hostgator Hosting because you want to Create a WordPress Blog or Design A Website. I have written a comprehensive article about how to I started a WordPress Website from the scratch in 20 minutes. You can follow my guide to set up you own blog.

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Here is the link
How I Built A Successful Blog with Little Capital | My Step-By-Step Guide

Okay! Purchasing cheap and reliable hosting service from Hostgator will not take more  than 15 minutes of your time. It is simple and fast. What you have to do is: follow this step by step guide and obtain it the right way. If you run into any problem, don’t hesitate to contact me immediately so that I can guide you. But I’m sure you’ll b good with these steps.

How to Buy Hosting from in Quick Steps

Now, here are the steps by step guide to buying cheap Webhosting – Hosting

Step 1 >>

How to buy cheap hosting from Hostgator Hosting Click this link – – “Discount added in the link”. As soon as the website opens, click “Get Started Now!

As a new blogger with little money to spare, I will advice you to stick with this plan. It is a shared hosting service and it is the cheapest and excellent plan for you. As you grow in your blogging business, you can opt for something bigger.

Alternatively for experienced web designers, you can scroll down to choose from other specialized hosting plans which include Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

 Step 2 >> Choose the Right Web Hosting Plan hosting - How to buy web hosting from Hostgator -Choose_a_hosting_plan offers 3 powerful and Affordable Web Hosting Plans. So here, you’ll choose any web hosting plan of your choice.

  1. Hatchling Plan: ( 1 Free domain, Unlimited Storage/bandwidth )
  2. Baby Plan: (Unlimited  domain, Unlimited Storage/bandwidth)
  3. Business Plan: (Unlimited  domain, Unlimited Storage/bandwidth + PRIVATE SSL & IP and Free VoIP Phone Service)

For beginners, if you’re intending to host one domain only, then select the “Hatchling Plan”. It offers a very good value. And as a starter, You won’t need the Baby Plan or Business Plan packages until your site start getting millions of visitors.

Step 3 >> Please enter your Domain name

Now that you’ve selected your right web hosting plan, the next page opens where you’ll have to fill up the form with some necessary information. There are 6 sections in all.

Section 1 – Choose A Domain. hosting - How to buy web hosting from Hostgator -enter a domain name

There are two options for you.

  1. Register A New Domain:
    Don’t you have a domain name? No worries, Hostgator gives you a “FREE Domain Name Registration” (included with the web hosting plan you are buying). Just make sure to enter your desired domain in www………com section of the first option above.
  2. I Already Have a Domain:
    Have a domain name already and want to transfer and use it on Hostgator? That is a great decision. Ensure that you enter your current domain name in “www………com” section of 2nd option above. Then, Hostgator will put it as your account’s primary domain name.

As soon as you enter your domain name, you will be notified whether that name is available for you or not! If it is free (that is, no one has used it before), you proceed to Section 2. Otherwise, you put another name to test it’s availability.

Section 2 – Choose a Hosting Plan hosting - How to buy web hosting from Hostgator -Choose_a_hosting_plan

Now, you’ll confirm your Package Type, Choose a Billing Cycle, Enter a Username and Security. Please make that you note down your Username and Security for future references.

Section 3 – Enter Your Billing Info hosting - How to buy web hosting from Hostgator - Enter Your Billing Info

Enter your Personal information and Billing Details correctly and proceed to the next section.


Section 4 – Add Additional Services hosting - How to buy web hosting from Hostgator - Add Additional Services

In this section, you will have to decide whether or not you want to add these important services for your blog or website. They include:

  1. Protect Your Site From Hackers. (Powered By SiteLock) — Highly Recommended.
  2. Get Your Professional Email ( from Google.
  3. .
  4. Assure Safety To Your Visitors & Convert Them To Customers.

As a new blogger, because it will increase the total cost for you, I suggest that you don’t check it. Maybe as you grow, you will add them. But if you feel so strong and have extra cash to dole out, then go for it.

Section 5 – Enter a Coupon Code hosting - How to buy web hosting from Hostgator -Enter Coupon Code

Enter the displayed coupon code displayed on the page and click “Validate”. This code ensures that you receive a discount (reduction in cost) which you are entitled to!

Section 6 – Review Order Details

Finally, review your order information and check if every information is correct. Read and Click to check-mark the “” checkbox.

Click “Checkout Now!” button, to proceed for payment. Now the process of buying web hosting for your blog is 98% complete.

After payment, HostGator will send a payment confirmation message to your email address together with your Free Domain and cPanel login credentials. cPanel is your unique platform where you will be able to personally manage your hosting.

Successfully purchased your cheap Webhosting + 1 Free domain from Hostgator? Good to know. If you run into any problem, don’t hesitate to contact me immediately so that I can guide you. Ask your questions in the comment box and I will respond to you.

Next thing is to Install WordPress on your newly purchased domain. It is so simple and free! I’d like you to follow these steps.

Here is the link to:
How to Install WordPress Blog to Your Hostgator Hosting Account.

As soon as you are have installed WordPress to your Hostgator hosting, you will will to configure the following settings so that you can start blogging on WordPress blog. These settings are the 24 important things to do after installing wordpress for the first time

Here is the link to:
26 important things to do after installing wordpress for the first time

I tell you the truth, with all the steps above, very soon, your blog will be indexed in Google search quickly.

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog & Improve Ranking On Search Engine

Do let me know if you have any question regarding installing WordPress on Hostgator hosting. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends, it will help them to start a new blog.

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