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Why Don’t You Persuade Clients to Your Website with a Paid Guest Post?

Business competition is becoming fiercer by the day. But smart business owners are getting smarter in the ways they market and sell their products and services to existing and potential clients. One of these wonderful ways is through a Sponsored posts.

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Sponsored Post or Guest Posts or Paid Post refers to Blog Post content or article where businesses talk about a product or service in general. Companies can decide to ask a blogger or website owner to incorporate something associated with their product and services, naturally into their blog articles. Through this method, they get to reach prospective customers from target destinations around the world.

Sponsored post is not blatant advertising. It is an honest review of a company’s products and services. It’s important to be unbiased and write your honest thoughts about the products.

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There are different ways you can do Sponsored Blog Posts. They include:

  1. Pay Bloggers to write reviews about your products & services, then publish.
  2. Write reviews yourself and send to Bloggers to publish.


Benefits of Paid Guest Posts to Companies

Collaboration and partnership is the watchword. When companies collaborate with blog owners and website managers to place sponsored blog posts and reviews of your products and services, they’ll get the following benefits:

  1. Thousands of Unique views and Page views per day from the blog.
  2. Quality DO-Follow links.
  3. Hundreds of thousands of RSS Feed Readers.
  4. Targeted visitors from all countries of the world.
  5. With social media platforms ran by the blog or website owners, you’re sure of reaching out to another band of followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ , LinkedIn, etc.

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How to Connect with Companies to Get Sponsored Blog Posts

As a website owner or blogger, you can easily connect with brands that offer services in your blog niche. You may create a media kit explaining what advertisers can expect from sponsored posts and reviews on your blog.  You can also explain how much you would be charging them.


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  6. How to receive your payments for Sponsored Posts updated in you blog.


Sponsored Posts otherwise known as sponsored article is a simple digital marketing business, where companies or businesses give bloggers articles (reviews of their products and services) to post on blogs, and payment is made. It is that simple.

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I encourage businesses, companies and website owners to Collaborate with brands for sponsored posts and reviews. Sponsored Post or Guest Posts or Paid Post or whatever name it may be called Pays everyone in the partnership.

Do you want to do a Sponsored Guest Post for your Product/Service?

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