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Search Email In GMail

Google Mail provides users with an easy to use search feature. This search feature allows you to search for a specific or set of emails with similar keywords. Simply put, the search mail feature allows you to perform a Google search in your email.

With Google Email search feature, you can find any message, no matter when it was received. It does a very thorough search of every part of your emails so that you can locate a message even if you don’t remember the Sender’s identity.

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How to Search for a Message:
  • Login to your Gmail Account | Gmail Sign In
  • Locate the Google Mail Search Box at the top of the page,
  •  Type your Search Keywords in the Gmail search box, then
  • Click the search button.
  • The inbox of your Gmail will display your search results.
  • Click an email to read it, or you can try a different search.
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Note that you can also click Show search options to perform an advanced search. This is especially useful if you could not find what you’re looking for.

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