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How To Monitor Your Google Email Account Activities

Once you start using your Google email, you must make it a point of duty to Monitor Your it’s activity to see if someone has hacked, is attacking and doing something funny inside of it. This is an important security measure for the operation of an email.

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Checking your Gmail emailactivities is essential because Emails are one of the most important assets we have on the internet. The inbox of our Email stores received messages. Our accounts on Social Networks, Blogs & Websites, Credit & Payment Cards (Payoneer, PayPal etc) are tied and managed via our Emails. As such, we must find credible ways to monitor and secure them especially, our GMAIL Accounts.

Even when you choose a strong password; alphanumeric password, some die hard hackers find ways to break in, steal your login information and access your important messages without your permission. This is a big security issue for email users.

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At regular intervals, I encourage you to critically check your Gmail account activities and monitor the IP addresses of systems used to sign into your email accounts. The following are what you can do and should serve as a guide to monitoring account activities on your Gmail account:

  • Check the IP addresses of the computers and mobile systems used to sign in to your Gmail account. To locate the IP addresses, Sign in to your Gmail account, locate and select “account activity” link in your Gmail account.
  • If you are suspecting malicious activities in your account, you will make a great discovery detailing a list of the last IP addresses that were used sign into your Gmail account. Also, it will show you country name, state name, date and time of your last Gmail activity.
  • In case you discover another unfamiliar IP address or see the name of a location that you have never been to, there is a probability that your Gmail account is accessed by another person without your permission. It means that your account has been hacked. You must Recover and Secure Your Gmail Account From Hacking
  • To stop this third party access to your account, select the “Sign out of all other sessions” push button and every active sessions of your account is deleted, including the hacker’s session inside your Gmail account.
  • Instantly Get a new password for your Gmail account using the Google accounts settings page.

In conclusion, It is ultimately your duty to regularly monitor your Gmail account so as to detect on time, unauthorized access into it. We must all be vigilant and internet-security conscious in other to properly secure your Gmail accounts from hackers. The need to secure yourself and ultimately hide your important information away from dirty minds hanging around us is huge. We must play our part!

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