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Best Web Hosting Discounts + Free Domain

Top WordPress Hosting Service

You don’t want to set out for your blogging adventure, and spending so much cash for web hosting services? You don’t want to start your blog on an untested WordPress Hosting platform, only to discover that its loading speed is so terribly slow, disk space very small and your WordPress Blog Hosting Plan so unreliable? Unknowingly, many new and intending bloggers erroneously pay huge sums of money for web hosting plans, which they can get at a cheaper rate, and for domains, which they can get for free. This shouldn’t be so!

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Why You Need The Best Web Hosting Service!

I’m aware that as a beginner in Web Design or blogging, you may have difficulties selecting the best and right web hosting package to purchase, especially, when you’re not a techy somebody or you’re working with a tight budget. I also know that professionals could find themselves in such quagmire. But you don’t have to worry anymore. I have been in your shoes and I’m sure that creating a post of this nature; a comprehensive cheap & reliable Web Hosting partners which a new blogger could register for immediately, is helpful.

How to Get Web Hosting Discounts + FREE Domain!

This is your opportunity!

Below are the web hosting services that offers the biggest and best discounts for your blog and websites. You are GIVEN A FREE DOMAIN for every web hosting you purchase.

But should you want a particular proposal, I will quickly recommend that you sign up for Bluehost (discount voucher included in the link), and follow this guide to get your WordPress blog setup in the next 40 minutes. Click the button below to buy web hosting from Bluehost!

Bluehost Web Hosting Plans

Now, these are Special Discount Sale for other great web hosting services!

Hosting Service Click Logo to Sign up Now!


Over 60% OFF for all Shared Hosting Plans!


How to Buy Web Hosting From Bluehost!



HostGator© Super Discount Sale – 65% Off for All Hosting Packages!


How to buy web hosting from Hostgator!



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How to buy cheap web hosting from Namecheap!


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How to buy cheap hosting  from Dreamhost!


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How to buy cheap web hosting from InMotionHosting!

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How to Buy Web Hosting From!

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How to buy Web Hosting from Domainking! - Domainking Nigeria

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How to Buy Cheap Web Hosting from QServers!

Seasonal Sales – Super Discount for All Hosting Packages!


How to Buy Cheap Web Hosting from Whogohost!

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Why You Should Get Bluehost Now!

Bluehost is the best webhosting recommended by! Many top bloggers all over the world use it.  It is a leading U.S based web hosting service provider, which hosts more than 2 million websites on their servers. Bluehost offers excellent web hosting services at affordable rate of ($2.95/mo).

The following are what makes Bluehost Unique!

  • WordPress dedicated hosting
  • 1 Free domain when you buy a hosting plan.
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • PHP 7.x
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited space
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • $100 Ad words credit
  • Rating: 5/5

If you want to Start a Blog or Design a Website for a business, you need a domain and a web host! Bluehost is great and widely recommended for your webhosting needs.  So, I recommend Bluehost to you.


How to Buy Web hosting from Bluehost!

Now, here is the step by step guide to purchasing web hosting from bluehost! it is simple and doesn’t take more than 20 minutes.

Step One!
Click this link to go to Bluehost website: Bluehost_WordPress_Hosting

This link or the Bluehost icon above contains “Discount coupons”. When the website opens, Click the “Get Started Now” button.

Step Two!
Select web hosting plan.Bluehost webhosting plans

Choose any web hosting plan of your choice. Bluehost provides 3 beautiful plans and they include:

  • Basic: (host one domain)
  • Plus: (host multiple domains)
  • Pro: (host multiple domains + Over $180/yr in extras)

So, if you want to host only one website or blog, select “Basic” plan. This plan is excellent for you as a newbie or start-up business. You won’t need the costlier plans unless if you are expecting massive traffic of million visitors per day.

Step Three!
Enter Your Domain Name.Choose_a_domain_name in Bluehost

In this step, you’ll enter your Domain Name. Domain name is the name you want for your website or blog, Example: TechMatas. Here, we have two options and they are:

  • New Domain: register a new domain name for free
  • I have a Domain Name: use your current domain name you have.


  1. Choose “New Domain” if you’re a new blogger and don’t have domain name. Bluehost gives you a “FREE domain name” (which is included in the web hosting plan). Ensure that you put your domain name correctly in the box provided for “New Domain“.
  2. Choose “I have a Domain Name” if you have a domain name already or you’re transferring your domain from another web host. Ensure that you put your domain name correctly in the box provided for “I have a Domain Name“.

Click “Next”!

Step Four!
Fill up necessary Personal information:bluehost personal_account_infor

In this step, Bluehost wants you to enter your personal information such as Name, Street Address, Phone Number, Email Address, etc. This is important to them for proper record keeping.

Step Five!
Choose the right Package:bluehost hosting Package

In this step, Bluehost wants you to make a choice of what you want for your webhosting! Options available include: Monthly Plans like 12 month, 24 month or 36 month.

For now, I want you to select 12 month plan. It is excellent for you. To reduce cost, ensure that the following items are unchecked: Domain Privacy Protection, Site Backup Pro, and Site Lock Security.

Step Six!
Fill up Billing information:Bluehost Payment_info_and_click_button

In this step, Bluehost wants you to enter your payment information so that you can you’re your payment and complete this transaction. You can make payments through MasterCard or PayPal. Click “More payment options“ to see other available payment channels.


As soon as payment is made, Bluehost sends an email to you notifying you about your transaction. Your hosting package “with a free Domain Name” is delivered to you. Now, go ahead and install WordPress to your Bluehost Domain.

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