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Facebook Could Have Shared Your Personal Info Without Your Knowledge.

If you are a Facebooker, you may have heard about the issues and revelations with Cambridge Analytica. Anyway, that is not the news – the news now is the facts that your Facebook personal information may have likely been shared albeit secretly without your knowledge.

Also, it is likely that some of your public profile information you would have wanted to keep private with your friends may have been exposed to unwanted quarters and for some reasons you may not have approved.

How Do You Know Whether Facebook Shared Your Info

It is reported that the issues surrounding the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook affected billions of people all over the world. Therefore it is most likely that your account Facebook was affected.

Thank goodness, Facebook has provided a link for you so that you can know if your data has been shared without your knowledge. As soon as you click the link, it will navigate you to a page. From there, Facebook will let you know if your data was shared via the app “This Is Your Digital Life.” Even if your personal data was shared, you cannot do anything about it now, but at least, you know.

Well, if you were fortunate and never logged in to that app, then, happy are you for avoiding that issue. But, you’re not entirely safe if you have randy friends who carelessly logged into that app. If you do have such friends, the company (collecting your information secretly) must have been privy to some personal information on your profile. This is because such friends have access to your personal information.

But fear not!

The information that may have been compromised was limited to your public profile, page like, birthday and current city. This may not cause damage to you but they were used by the company to do some businesses including – using the information to compile profiles on voters in order to swing the elections. This is not too good.

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Are you wondering if your data has been shared without your knowledge? Then, you can find out by clicking this link.

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