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TechMatas is a unique platform to advertise your products and services in front of thousands of highly targeted audiences. Our articles and contents travel far and wide to Africa, Asia, America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Our target readers spread across several categories of people including: Working Class & Business Professionals, College Students & Graduates, Bloggers & Website Owners, as well as Young People from all works of life. So, if your target audiences are the same as ours, then you’re at the best place to advertise your services.

About TechMatas

TechMatas was resumed operations in November 2016, with the aim to provide practical answers (step by step guides) to web technology and finance-related questions. We share  and inspire young people across the world. For more information, continue reading ….

Now, we accept adverts and you can seize this opportunity to publicize your products and services on this site at a give away price.

Why Advertise on TechMatas

  1. 1000+ Daily Unique views, Daily Page views 1500+
  2. You will get a targeted visitors from TechMatas
  3. You’ll Receive Quality DO-Follow links.
  4. 1000+ RSS Feed Readers.
  5. We’ll broadcast your ads to our social media followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ etc

Our Statistics

  • Daily unique visitors : 1000+
  • Daily page views : 1500+
  • Google Pagerank : 0
  • Active Email and Social media Subscribers : 2000+

Available Ad Packages

Package 1: Banner Ads.

Banner Ads are visible graphics adverts on our blog. Banner Ads link to your page and takes customers directly to your business websites, blogs or social media platforms. Banner Ads converts most. We have 3 categories and banner locations for ad banners on TechMatas and they are:

  1. Header Banner Ads – This is the most visible and targeted website advertising space. Your Ad is placed at the top of the blog and it is seen first by every visitor to our blogs.
    The dimension of the header banner ad is  width=”728″ by height=”90″.
  2. Sidebar Banner Ads – These banner ads are placed conspicuously in the sidebar of our blogs. They are also visible to all the visitors.
    The dimension of the sidebar banner ads are  width=”350″ by height=”300″ and width= “350′ by height= “175”.
  3. Footer Banner Ads – These banner ads are placed at the foot of our blogs. They are equally very visible to all our site visitors.
    The dimension of the footer banner ad is  width=”400″ by height=”250″.

Our professional graphic designer creates ad banners for you, using available information and company logo you provided to us. If you can design your own ad banner with dimensions as listed above, we may accept it.

Package 2 Sponsored Posts.

In sponsored posts, we use articles to promote your products and services to our readers. The article’s word count is between 200 to 300 words. You’ll write and give to us to process – publish. If you can’t do this, our experienced article writers can help you.  This is marvelous for your business promotions.

Package 3 Text Ads.

Spotlight Ads – highly visible text ads with do follow links. Visually amplified text links are place within high traffic targeted articles (related to your businesses) and shared across our social platforms. This is excellent for your business.

Other packages include:

  1. Featured Affiliate Listing – On main page/ splash pages.
  2. Newsletter Ad – monthly advertising with over 1000 subscribers


  1. Select Your Preferred Ad Package
  2. Send an email to us on or you can also use the contact form below to notify us about your preferred ad package.
  3. We will get back to you immediately with Pricing & other information we will need to design or produce your adverts.
  4. We automatically upload your ad at once and notify you to review it online.

Your Adverts Will Be Massively Promoted On Our Numerous Social Media Platforms By Our Marketing Team. I’m Certain You’d Get More Out Of What You Pay. Go ahead and Contact Us now on