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  1. Select Your Preferred Ad Banner type below.
  2. Send an email to us on – (attach ad image and/or description)
  3. We automatically upload your ad at your chosen location
  4. We will notify you to review it online.

Ad Banners

Banner Ads are visible graphics adverts on our blog. Banner Ads link to your page and takes customers directly to your business websites, blogs or social media platforms. Banner Ads converts most. We have 3 categories and banner locations for ad banners on TechMatas and they are:

Here are our Pricings

  1. Header Banner Ads – This is the most visible and targeted website advertising space. Your Ad is placed at the top of the blog and it is seen first by every visitor to our blogs. The dimension of the header banner ad is  width=”728″ by height=”90″.
    Fees: $70 for 30Days
  2. Sidebar Banner Ads – These banner ads are placed conspicuously in the sidebar of our blogs. They are also visible to all the visitors. The dimension of the sidebar banner ads are  width=”350″ by height=”300″ and width= “350′ by height= “175”.
    Fees: $40 for 30Days
  3. Footer Banner Ads – These banner ads are placed at the foot of our blogs. They are equally very visible to all our site visitors.
    The dimension of the footer banner ad is  width=”400″ by height=”250″. Fees: $40 for 30Days
    The dimension of the header banner ad is  width=”728″ by height=”90″.  Fees: $70 for 30Days

Our professional graphic designer creates ad banners for you, using available information and company logo you provided to us. If you can design your own ad banner with dimensions as listed above, we may accept it.

Who Are We?

TechMatas is a unique platform to advertise your products and services in front of thousands of highly targeted audiences. Our articles and contents travel far and wide to Africa, Asia, America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Our Target readers and viewers include: Social Media Managers, Internet Businesses, Internet & IT Professionals, Bloggers & Web Designers, College Students & High School Leavers, Stay at Home Mothers, and everyday Internet Users. We also provide Sponsored Guest Post Opportunities for Companies & Businesses, Websites and Developers who have Great Products & Services to advertise to our global readers!

For more information, see About TechMatas.


We are @ your service. Should you have need for any of the following:

  • Product Reviews
  • Advertisement
  • Sponsored Guest Posts.
  • Inquiries & Collaborations.


Call/ Whatsapp me on +2348067466857 (Day/Night). Send a direct email to me on!

For super support, please be notified that you will be best attended by email because some questions can only be answered by email. Therefore, I wish you send me an email, if you you any questions to ask me!

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