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Best Blogging Forums to Share & Promote Your Blog Posts to Drive Traffic.

These are the very best blogging forums to share and promote your articles so that your blog can become popular around the world and receive organic traffic and backlinks.

How do you feel after spending 2 hrs to write an article for your blog but no one cares to look up your post? How much organic traffic has folks at Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other big internet search engines directed to your blog today?  Aren’t you sometimes angry or upset that your beautifully designed blog is not getting at least 1000 unique views per day? This is the cross of the matter. It is where the real job is, in Blogging.

Best Blogging Forums - Blog Forums for Bloggers

Starting a blog and creating good articles for your blog are actually beautiful steps that you have taking to create an online presence for your brand and businesses. Blogging is not easy but it is absolutely enjoyable especially if you are very familiar with the blog niche you are writing about. Every time, bloggers are searching for ways to promote their blogs in order to grow their daily blog traffic or visitors as well as make their blog brand popular. To become successful as a blogger, you must ensure that you are very lively on Social Media and Online forums.

While Forums are excellent for sharing your posts, and engaging other forum contributors on topical issues of the day, social media is great for sharing your posts regularly. On both platforms, you will get traffic to your blogs when you are able to engage readers with interesting and needful articles which ultimately sends them to your blog. I tell you the fact, getting fully involved and active in Online Forums would give you an edge over other bloggers who aren’t there yet. This is simply because you have the privilege to build thousands of traffic and quality backlinks, to your blogs. Not only that, you have the opportunity to learn new SEO and Blogging skills from others.

Without wasting anytime therefore, I’ll be sharing 7 Blogging Forums where you can Promote Your Blogs Online – Blogging Forums all over the world. These 6 forums are actually some of the best forums, scattered across several continents of the world. With these forums, you can fully focus on promoting your blogs by writing new posts or commenting on an already written article by another user, all in the bid to harvest more traffic to your blog.

Here are they….

  1. Digital point
    Digital Point is another great online community forum where you get to meet and interact with people and other bloggers alike. It is a community discussion board that boasts of amazing traffic on a daily bases. Bloggers, internet marketers and ordinary individuals flood in, in their thousands to read and make contributions to topical issues. So should you need lots of organic traffic to your blog, I encourage you to sign up and become active on

  1. ShoutMeLoud Forum
    This is a very popular bloggers forum for newbie and experienced bloggers all over the world. It was established by an Indian; Harsh Agrawal, who is also the founder of an award-winning blog known as  Harsh has mentored millions of bloggers and internet marketers all over the world through his teachings and Howto guides in his blog and forum. Little wonder ShoutMeLoud forum has over 6k members’ daily visitors and over 800 active users daily. Therefore if you want to learn from the best in the blogging industry and quickly grow the daily views on your blog, I encourage you to join


  1. WordPress Forum
    This is a dedicated forum for WordPress platform users who seek to learn new tips and tricks to manage and optimize their WordPress blogs. In the WordPress forum, you’ll get to interact with professionals and other users who help one another to resolve issues bothering on design and stuffs on the platform. You can wittingly drive massive traffic to your blog if you have great information to share with other bloggers. So should you want to learn and get traffic to your blog, I recommend WordPress Support Forum.


  1. Bloggingehow Forum
    This is another popular blogging forum for newbie and experienced bloggers. As the name sounds, you get to learn tips and tricks about How to Blog with ease and profitably. It was established by a Pakistani super blogger who also manages Using his blog and forum, this guy has empowered millions of people with great tips to do SEO jobs, grow their blogs and online marketing businesses. The BloggingHow Forum which works on the discourse platform has attracted millions and more who loves to assist one another. So if you want to discover new blogging tips and tricks, and quickly attract big traffic to your blog, I encourage you to join Bloggingehow Forum

  1. Warrior Forum
    Warrior forum is popular internet forum built for bloggers, internet marketers and almost everyone who has one business or the other to do on the internet. Established in the United States of America, Warrior forum has helped millions of people to overcome initial hitches in starting online businesses and has provided best tips to grow blog traffic and increase revenue. Personally, I have benefited from this forum and would not hesitate to ask you to join in to discover amazing SEO & Blogging tips, Blog Monetization tips and lots more. So should you want to learn and get traffic from USA, I recommend Warrior Forum.

  1. Nairaland Forum is the largest internet community forum in Nigeria. Built 2005 and managed by a team of internet marketers headed by Seun Osewa, Nairaland has grown to become a household name in Nigeria raking in over 1.5million active users.  In fact, this is the most visited forum both in Nigeria, Africa and other countries of the world. Nairaland Forum discusses several topics including Politics, Business & Entrepreneurship, Webmasters & Techs, Travel & Entertainment, Food & Health etc. So no matter what niche you’re blogging about, you can exploit this opportunity to get quality backlinks and organic traffic to your blog and websites. Personally, I raked in more than 1000 visitors in one day when I lunched a Job hunting survey in my Entrepreneurship & Business blog; Therefore if you have a business and want to drive massive traffic to your blog from Nigeria and Africa in general, I recommend Nairaland Forum.


7.  Planet Forum
Started in June 2017 by Jide Ogusanya, who also owns a tech blog, Planet is a unique discussion forum for Nigerian digital marketers including bloggers to discuss common stuff and help one another. Here you’ll find lots of information and great tips to build your blog and grow your web traffic very rapidly. The sooner you register and become active on this platform, the better for you. I therefore recommend Planet Forum to all bloggers and digital marketers all over the world.

Wrapping up

Waiting for folks at Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other big internet search engines to send considerable number of traffic to your blog will be so hard to achieve. Actively sharing Your Blog posts in Blogging Forums would help you to build traffic to your blog and get nothing less than 1000 unique views per day. We Love Comments. Do you know any other great forum? – Share with us in the comment box.

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