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How To Protect Your Facebook Account.

Are you suspecting that something is wrong with your Facebook account or that your Facebook account is hacked? Your Facebook account is an important social media account and you have to be careful how you are using it.This is so important so that hackers will not be able to hack your Facebook account.

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An Igbo language proverb (a language spoken by one of the most intelligent ethnic group in Africa) says that any man that goes to the bush to harvests ant-infested firewood is intentionally asking lizards to pay him a visit in his compound.

It then follows that if you use your Facebook account wrongly and carelessly, you are inviting fraudsters, scammers and hackers to mess your account up. To avoid and secure your Facebook account from being hacked, you need to consider the following rules:

  • Accept Friend Request From People You Know.

It is not everyone Facebook friend request is genuine. Some of them come from potentially dangerous people. Therefore be weary and only accept friend requests from people you know or you are convinced of their intentions.

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  • Block Suspected Hacker.

Even with all your carefulness, you could have accepted some nasty hackers as friends. Quickly block any user who posts or sends obscene links to your timeline or message box. Block him in such a way that he wouldn’t be able to post to your timeline or message box but could still see your post.

To achieve this,

  1. And Facebook blocks out the suspected person from your timeline.
  2. Select “Confirm”
  3. Type user’s name >
  4. Block > Block User >
  5. Go to the Settings >

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  • Don’t Join Just any Facebook Group or Remove Yourself From Suspicious Facebook Groups

Many groups exist on Facebook with varying purposes and intentions. Investigate what they are discussing before joining in so that you won’t submit yourself to potential hackers. If friends add you to groups without your knowledge, REMOVE yourself immediately.

To Remove Yourself from Unwanted Facebook Groups, do the following:

  1. Go to that Group >
  2. Click on the “Joined tick mark” >
  3. Click Leave Group.
  4. Select Leave Group
  5. And you automatically exit that suspicious group.
  • Avoid Suspicious Links Like Plagues

Plenty of people have had their Facebook accounts hacked because of some links they clicked. Avoid links like pornography, viral games and updates etc have high click through rates. As such could serve as avenues for hackers to capture and hack people’s accounts.
In addition to the truth that they are not good for your relationship with God, they are also very dangerous to your Facebook account.

Stay Safe

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